The impression of the quality of a product is highly influenced by the quality of the sound that the product emits. A well-known example is the door-slam of a car.

A modern and successful product thus has to have a good sound quality. We help you to evaluate the sound quality of your products, to make a market survey in order to rank your own products on the competitivy market, and of course to improve the sound quality of your products!

Usually the following steps have to be performed:

  1. definition of the product-specific characteristics, the customer target group and possible influencing non-acoustic parameters;
  2. establishment of a representative sound database, usually including sounds from competitive products;
  3. determination of the actual sound quality by means of psychoacoustic investigations;
  4. product-specific signal analysis to identify signal characteristics which represent positive and negative sound quality;
  5. improvement of sound quality by avoiding negative sound features;
  6. improvement of sound quality by emphasising positive sound features;

The last point shows the strong relation to Sound Design, which basically requires the same worksteps