Humans render a lot of information through the acoustical channel. In general this even is a subconscious process - the human auditory system even picks up the sound while we sleep.

Conventional measurement instruments are not able to reproduce the abilities of our auditory system, so that they can not be directly applied to measure for example sound quality. The only valid measurement instrument in that context is the human auditory system! In order to use this “measurement instrument”, science came up with an interdisciplinary research area, Psychoacoustics.


Psychoacoustics deals with the relation between acoustical (physical) parameters of singals and attributs of hearing events

Thus psychoacoustics reveals the relation between instrumental measures on one hand and perception on the other hand. The engineer is equipped with scientifically based methods to identify, analyse and “decode” characteristics of sounds. Once the relation between physics and perception is knwown, sounds can be manipualted in such a manner that specific sound features can be changed in a desired way.  Furthermore, the optimization process is highly cost-efficient, because only and exactly those sound features have to be changed which are audible in the end.

We have developed specific psychoacoustical methods for the industrial environment so that we are able to efficiently run psychoacoustical experiments for you!